Rigid Cotton Sport Tape

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Models and Dimensions

 Model/Size  Inner Packing Outer Packing Outer Packing Dimension
 2.5cm*13.7m  12 rolls per box  24boxes per carton  48*47*24cm
 3.8cm*13.7m  12 rolls per box  16boxes per carton  47*32*34cm
 5.0cm-13.7m  6 rolls per box  24boxes per carton  48*47*24cm

Product Information

Rigid cotton sport tape is extremely soft and conform to different body contours.Strong stickiness,easy hand tear and breathable! The tape is composed of cotton ,coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive,re-rolled and cut by sophisticated auto machine equipment

Product Features

1.Soft and comfortable.

2.Good tensile strength

3.Zigzag edge or plain edge,easy tear by hand,convenience for using.

4.Strong and reliable stickiness

5.Constant unwinding tension.

6.Allow skin to breathe

7.Leaves no residue on body parts


For fix muscle when sprains and injuries,also used in fixing ice packs and sports equipment bundle wrapped, it will help control the edema and bleeding.

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