Kinesiology Tape

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The price can be adjustable according to the quantity ,size and special packing requirements.Please contact us to get latest price.

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    Intended Use

    1.Protect the joints, muscles, fascia and relieve pain during exercise.

    2.Reduce the impact on joints and tendons,promote circulation of blood ,ease muscle tension;

    3.Auxiliary correcting deformities,tendon contracture ,acute or chronic tendon injury,muscle recover therapy.




    Size Inner Packing Outer Packing Outer Packing Dimension
    2.5cm*5m 12 rolls per box 24boxes/carton 44*30*35cm
    3.8cm*5m 12 rolls per box 18boxes/carton 44*44*25.5cm
    5.0cm*5m 6 rolls per box 24boxes/carton 44*30*35cm
    7.5cm*5m 6 rolls per box 18boxes/carton 44*44*25.5cm


    How To Use

    1.Clean the partial skin firstly.

    2.Cut the size according to requirements,then naturally stick the tape on the skin,press to enhance the fixing.

    3.Stick the product on the tendon and strain of joint.

    4.When showering ,don’t need to tear the tape,only dry it with a towel, after using ,if skin irritation reaction appear,you can apply some soft plaster or stop using.


    It is suitable for various kinds of ball,games such as football,basketball,volleyball,and badminton,fitness activities such as running,cycling,mountain climbing,swimming,body building and so on.

    Efficacy of kinesiology tape

    1.Enhance athletic performance
    2.Relieve the  pain
    3.Improve circulation
    4.Decrease the swelling
    5.Promote heal up
    6.Support soft tissue
    7.Relax soft tissue
    8.Exercise soft tissue
    9.Correct posture
    10.Protect muscle

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