EMG Endotracheal Tube

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The neuromonitoring tracheal tube is a flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) elastomer tracheal tube equipped with an inflatable air bag. Each catheter is equipped with four stainless steel wire contact electrodes. These stainless steel wire electrodes are embedded in the wall of the main axis of the tracheal tube and are only slightly exposed above the air sacs (about 30 mm in length) to allow access to the vocal cords. The electrometer is in contact with the patient's vocal cords to facilitate EMG monitoring of the vocal cords while connected to a multi-channel electromyography (BMG) monitoring device during surgery. The catheter and balloon are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so that the catheter can easily conform to the shape of the patient's trachea, thus reducing tissue trauma.

Intended Use

1. EMG endotracheal tube is mainly used to connect with a suitable nerve monitor to provide an unobtrusive airway for the patient and to monitor the activities of muscles and nerves in the larynx during surgery.

2. The product is suitable for continuous monitoring of nerves innervating the internal laryngeal muscle during surgery; The product is not suitable for postoperative use and is not suitable for long-term use of more than 24 hours.

3.Endotracheal intubation establishes a smooth air passage between the patient's trachea and the external ventilator, and maintains nearly normal gas exchange conditions for the patient in the state of anesthesia. After normal insertion of the patient's trachea, two pairs of contact electrodes located on the surface of the tube were in contact with the patient's left and right vocal cords, respectively. These two pairs of electrodes can extract the electromyography signal attached to the patient's vocal cord and connect it to the supporting monitoring instrument for electromyography monitoring.



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