Anti-fog Medical Safety Disposable Protective Goggles

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It is composed of a protective cover made of polymer material, a foam strip and a fixing device. Non-sterile, single use. 


Goggles are common eye protection equipment, used to prevent droplets and liquid splashes. (This product has anti-fog function on both sides). It is used to prevent the harm of blood, saliva and medicine to human body in the examination and diagnosis of medical staff and patients in the department of stomatology. Polycarbonate lens, mainly used to prevent chemical liquid splash, to avoid splashing into the eyes.

Product Features

1. Fixed Button: Fixed button to keep lens and frame steady and make sure it is workable.

2. Straps: Adjustable durable elastic strap suitable for everyone comfortable wearing.

3. Frame: Soft PVC material perfectly fit human face for full area eyes and nose protection.

4. Breather Valve: 4 breather valves helps to anti-fog and release eyes from fatigue.

5. Lens: Double anti-fog PC lens with impact resistance function, widened view comfortable.

Application Method

1. Disassemble the internal inflation, take out the medical isolation eye mask product (no installation required).

2. Put the elastic band on the forehead and adjust the length according to the appropriate elasticity of the grid.

3. Make sure the product packaging is in good condition and within the validity period; take off the google protection films before using it.

Application Notices

1. Please read the instruction carefully and make sure fully understanding before using.

2. This product is suggested to use only one single time, do not repeat or multiple use to avoid cross-infection.

3. This product is not made aseptically, do not use when damaged.


Those who are allergic to the ingredients of this product are prohibited. 

Storage and transportation condition

1.  Temperature: 0°C-45°C

2.  Humidity: The relative humidity does not exceed 80%

3.  Clean and dry place with good ventilation and no corrosive gas.

Anti-fog Medical Safety Disposable Protective Goggles

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