Double Lumen Silicon Laryngeal Mask Airway

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Models and Dimensions

Size Inner Outer Packing Dimesion
1#,1.5#, 2# 20 pcs per box 5 boxed per CTN 44.5*41*33cm
2.5#,3#,4#,5# 10 pcs per box 5 boxed per CTN 44.5*41*33cm


This product is suitable for patients requiring general anesthesia and emergency resuscitation when used for artificial ventilation, or establish short-term non-deterministic artificial airway to other patients require breathing.

Product Features

1.Medical silicone rubber material, flexible and smooth.

2.Silicone rubber laryngeal mask can be applied to the patient's throat along with the anatomical position, and the patient feels more comfortable.

3.The grille design ensures smooth ventilation and prevents backflow blockage of foreign matters

Product Description


Double Lumen laryngeal Mask Airway

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