Closed Suction Catheter for single use

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Closed Suction Catheter with Control Switch (Long-acting Type)

Closed Suction Catheter with Control Switch (Standard Type)

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1. It can achieve continual oxygen supply without separation of artificial circuits.

2. The multiple-use plastic packing of suction catheter can avoid the infection caused by outside pathogens.

3. When sputum suction tube left artificial airway, the gas flow of respirator will not be influenced.

4. Closed suction catheter could both alleviate the complications and decrease oxygen partial pressure caused by suction, which effectively avoid cross infection.

The disadvantages of open suction catheter

In each sputum suction process, the artificial airway shall be separated from the ventilator, the mechanical ventilation shall be interrupted, and the sputum suction tube shall be exposed to the atmosphere for operation. Open suction may cause the following complications:

1. Arrhythmia interference and low blood oxygen;

2. Significantly reduce airway pressure, lung volume and blood oxygen saturation;

3. Airway pollution and environmental pollution;

4. Development of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

The advantages of Closed Suction Catheter

It can solve the following problems such as interruption of ventilator treatment, cross infection and environmental pollution:

1. It does not need to be separated from the artificial respiration circuit for sustainable oxygen supply.

2. The repeatedly used sputum suction tube is wrapped with a plastic sleeve to avoid contact with the outside world.

3. After sputum suction, the sputum suction tube leaves the artificial airway and will not interfere with the gas flow of the ventilator.

4. Closed sputum suction tube can significantly reduce the complications caused by sputum suction, avoid the decrease of oxygen partial pressure caused by repeated off-line sputum suction, and effectively avoid cross infection.

5. Improve the work efficiency of nurses. Compared with the open sputum suction, the closed type reduces the operations of opening the disposable sputum suction tube and disconnecting the ventilator, simplifies the sputum suction process, saves time and manpower compared with the open sputum suction, improves the work efficiency of nurses, and can respond to the needs of patients in time. After studying 149 closed suction and 127 open suction in 35 patients living in ICU after trauma, it is reported that the average time of closed suction in the whole process of each operation is 93s, while that of open suction is 153S.

CLosed Suction Catheter for Single Use

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